ARCTOOLS/400 Validated Integration with JD Edwards World A9.4

cropped-arctools-logo2.pngAn out-of-the-box solution for managing archiving requirements while respecting data integrity in a production environment.

Integration Overview

ARCTOOLS®/400 is a purging and archiving solution that supports Oracle’s JD Edwards World A9.4 running on IBM AS/400 (also known as IBM iSeries or IBM i).

The data selection for the purges is executed from a menu-driven user interface, which then runs a series of data extracts to create driving files. These analyses are configured and can be easily tweaked for customer-specific requirements.

The complexity underlying the analyses varies from simple (electronic data interchange sales orders) to more complex (purchase orders), to far more complex (modules with a recursive analysis). The resulting driving files are used by ARCTOOLS®/400 to purge related files. Included are multiple purge “spec sets” for various functional areas. Custom tag files (such as F554311 to go with the F4311 PO line) are easily added to existing purges through configuration, not programming.


The archive is executed with a proprietary code generator, creating custom programs at runtime. The purge is done in a safe, one-record-at-a-time approach, not a SQL SELECT processing millions of rows at once. This allows powerful features to be included such as the ability to specify a stop-by date and time, the ability to stop a running job on demand, and the ability to “throttle” a job, allowing customers to slow down a purge if needed to manage server performance or mirror throughput.

ARCTOOLS®/400 is an independent product that does not depend on JD Edwards World software. All of the application intelligence is built into ARCTOOLS®/400 at a configuration level, making integration with the JD Edwards World database easy.

Features of the ARCTOOLS®/400 integration with JD Edwards World include:

  • Simple navigation.
  • Preconfigured purges for many different modules in JD Edwards World.
  • Flexibility that enables the user to easily adapt to custom files and criteria.
  • Archived data available to unmodified production objects via library lists.
  • Ability to archive data outside of JD Edwards World.

Integration Details

The integration with JD Edwards World is managed by specifying the library to purge from, the library to archive to, and the horizon date. These settings can be changed using parameters from within the ARCTOOLS®/400 applications.

Each preconfigured module is based on the standard data model, incorporating related tables, joins, and selection criteria. This configuration detail is stored in the ARCTOOLS®/400 extract SQL and the ARCTOOLS®/400 purge rules.

Each ARCTOOLS®/400 job is logged in a series of audit trails. These history files will include information such as start and stop time stamp, user information, file information, and record counts.


ARCTOOLS Environment

ARCTOOLS/400 Version 7.2.3
IBM i5/OS Version 7.1

Oracle Environment

Oracle’s JD Edwards World A9.4 (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Sales Order Management, Procurement, Inventory Management, Electronic Commerce, Address Book, Fixed Assets, Real Estate Management, Payroll, Warehouse Management, Load and Delivery Management, Configuration Management).